How to use survey sites to earn money online

What is online survey

Online paid Surveys are nothing but taking people's opinion about the specific product. Here people will provide the input which will be analyzed by the product company in order to make their product better. While conducting the survey the personal information taken by the survey company will never  be revealed.

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If you are looking for legit online work from home jobs without investment, then survey jobs are the best jobs to work with. Survey company never scam anybody. They have their real business. Its part of their business to take people's opinion about their services, to improve their business.

How survey company works

Basically, survey companies are hired by the other companies to take surveys from people about their product. They act like a middle man between the worlds biggest brand and the customers. For example viewpointpanel is one of the top survey company which has 950 clients across 15 countries worldwide. They prepares the surveys for the people on the behalf of the clients and provide them the global solution regarding their product.  On the other hand customers can influence the product by their opinion. By doing so they will earn money. And the clients on whose behalf the survey has been conducted will analyze the people's opinion and make their product better.

Now you can take the opportunity, to earn money with your opinion. You can provide your honest opinion about the survey which you are going to complete. Being honest with your opinion will be rewarding for you. Because more honest you are, the more surveys you will get.

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How to get paid?

some online survey companies pay through online payment processor paypal and some survey sites reward you  through  flipkart or Amazon voucher that can be use to purchase any product online. If you do not want to purchase it online then you can use your Amazon voucher to purchase reliance voucher so that you can visit your nearest Reliance super market to purchase anything you want.

How much you can earn

It depends on the length of the survey. Usually lengthy survey pay you more. Sometimes also a 5 minutes survey pay you $1.  A survey which will take 15 minutes, will pay you maximum $1.50. The only way to earn good income from survey sites is joining 20 to 30 survey sites. If each survey sites send you 4 to 5 survey every month, then from 20 sites you will get maximum 100 surveys. Out of it some surveys will be discarded and some survey you will be able to complete.

How to use survey sites to earn money(some tips)

Here you can find the list of best online survey sites, to join. Sign up with your best email address which you can check frequently because most of the survey sites, send you survey invitation through your mail and if you did not check it frequently then that survey may be closed. You should attempt the survey the moment you will get the invitation so that chances for you to complete the survey successfully and some survey sites , you have to check it by logging in to your account. While sign up with survey sites, first they will ask your profile information because according to it they will send the invitation matched your profile data. Don't worry, they should not reveal your personal information to anyone. And if a survey sites ask you to your paypal email id, then make sure that, your sign up email and paypal email are same.

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Final thought

Surveys are the best way to make money online from your home. It does not need any investment or any registration fee. All you have to do is, find out your free time and complete some survey then make some extra cash every month.


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