13 home based free and easy online jobs without investment

Here we will show you, the 17 legitimate work from home jobs, that you can do from your home with no investment or registration fee. As right now more and more people are interested in online part time jobs, therefore we will give you the Idea about how online jobs works and how you can earn money from your home in 2016.  The minimum requirement for online job is you must be 18+ . Qualification does not matter but minimum communication skill in English is needed. People from different back ground can do this job, You might be a college student, retired employee or a house wife can do this work in your free time or in part time basis.

Your earning depends upon the determination of your hard work , the patience to learn step by step and to implement them in your real life, so that you can be successful while earning good money from Internet.

13 online jobs from home

Below are the listed free online jobs, that you can try. But before that , we can make you understand , how each and every online job works and how can you implement them to earn money.

ptc online job ( or ad clicking job)

Ptc online job is simple and easy. Anybody without having any technical skill or  any prior experience in internet can do this job. Here you can earn money simply clicking the sponsors advertisement. There are lot of site offers this job but all are not legit , most of this business are scam. Below we will recommend you the most trusted company to join. Joining is free of registration. You do not need to pay anything to start with this company. Apart from clicking ads, you can earn by completing surveys, mini jobs, offers, tasks and playing game. You can also get commissions if you can recommend others to join under you by sharing your affiliate link. visit to join with ptc online job

email reading job

These are same as ptc job but the difference is you will get notified via your email, In ptc site , you have to log in to click ads, but in email reading site, you have to open your email to click the ads to earn money. Site that offer email reading job, will send you the email frequently  and all you have to do is open your email and check whether there any invitation waiting for you to click or not. Or you can direct log in to the site to check whether ads are available or not. visit to get more information

captcha typing job

Captcha typing job is simple if you have minimum typing skill. Captchas are nothing but to avoid online scam to identify whether you are real human or a bot. Because lot of company who offers there customers to create an account in their site, they want to know whether a real human or a hacking bot is signing up their site. In order to avoid that confusion, they installed a certain script called captcha in their sign up form.  And a captcha will differentiate the real human from bot. Captcha is a image including certain alpha numeric text which a human can read but a bot can not.
All you have to do here is type the captchas to earn money. One captcha may contain 5 or 6 alphanumeric letters. You can earn maximum $1 by typing 1000 captchas. visit to join with 2captcha


rewarding jobs

Here you can earn money by doing different activities, like completing surveys, sharing website, playing game, watching videos, shopping online, searching something in there search engine bar. And also they have referral program to earn commissions. Join with swagbuck to get rewarded with many ways to earn swagpoints known as swagbucks. Swagbucks can be redeemed through cash with paypal or othe rewarding option like flipkart and amazon voucher. You can join with 5 best rewarding sites here

online paid survey job

Market researchers are conducting the online survey on behalf of the biggest online brand company in order to provide them the people's opinion about their product and biggest brand company will analyze the people's opinion to make their product better. Here brand company will pay market researchers for collecting the people's opinion or conducting the survey for them. And the market researches who owned the survey company will pay you for providing your opinion. You will be paid for completing surveys. visit for more information about survey jobs

online micro job or mini job 

Online micro job is nothing but the small tasks provided by the employer. As an employee, you have to complete those tasks, following by their instructions. Once you complete your job, you have to submit the proof , which has been asked by employer. Then your work will be reviewed and once they found its correct , you will be rewarded the amount which has been associated with that task.  Tasks are like install an application, sign up in a website, giving a facebook like or g+ like, commenting on youtube, and many more small tasks. As worker your performance will be measured. If you do 80% tasks correctly , then your reputation as a worker will grow and as a result you will get more tasks. But if you do frequent mistake then your reputation will decrease and you will be considered as a low performer . As a result you will get less tasks.  Join with most trusted micro job site like microworkers, rapidworker, amazon mturk.

Google Adsense job

Google adsense is a revenue sharing company owned by the biggest internet search engine google. Google has another company called google adwards. Its an advertising company. When small or big business owner tried to advertise their product in adwards, google shows their ads in their search result as well as it has given the opportunity for other webmasters to show their ads in their websites. Therefore, webmasters have to become its publishers in google adsense.  It shares 68% ad revenue to the webmasters who became its publishers. Therefore,  people like you and me can earn money through google adsense by having our own websites.

YouTube online job

Youtube is a video sharing community owned by google. Here people are earning money by uploading their interesting videos and youtube has given one option to users to monetize their videos with google adsense ads.  In youtube not only celebrities are earning money, but also people like you and me can earn money if we can record some interesting videos through mobile or through camera or in your computer through screen recording software then we can upload those videos with youtube and then associate our adsense account with youtube to  monetize the videos. Once videos will be monetized then commercial advertisements will be started showing when the people watch those videos. If anybody click those ads we will be able to earn money. Now, if you want to take participate with youtube partnership program, then follow the steps

  1. sign up with youtube
  2. create a youtube channel
  3. enable channel for monetization
  4. associate your adsense account
  5. then frequently upload videos in youtube
  6. monetize your each single video by clicking edit option
  7. check your earning and views in youtube analytic aslo in your google adsense dashboard
  8. get paid once earned 100$ In every month 23 rd through bank account.
For more information visit youtube partnership program

jobs at fiverr 

Fiverr is a market place where you can sell your craft or skill. If you know something that can be useful for other users, then you can sell your service to others by creating your own profile in fiverr and adding one piece or sample of your work which may attract buyers. The piece of work you sell is know as gig and the basic gigs starts from $5. But it may increase , if the more work is needed . First identify your skill, then start working in fiverr to earn money.  Suppose you are a web designer, writer, or a graphic designer then you can sell your small piece of work by creating gigs in fiverr. Fiverr is not limited in particular skills but it is vast platform to sell anything you know better. Visit fiverr for more information.

Transcription jobs 

In transcription jobs, you have to listen the audio or video file and convert them in to text file. That means you have to type what you listened from audio in to a word processor or any software interface. Once you finished your typing then you have to upload the file. Next your work will go for verification and if everything is correct , then it will be approved and you will get the payment. This kind of job needs fluent in English and good typing speed. Here I can recommend you one genuine site Transcribeme where you can register your name. After registration, they will conduct one exam, and if you get passed then you will  be eligible for handling the project as a transcriber. If you get failed then do not worry. You can face another exam after 24 hours. But one great thing about transcribe me is it has a carrier ladder that means if you perform better then you have the opportunity to claim higher payment like 20$ per hour.  Minimum cash out is $10 through paypal.

Earn from blogging

Blogging is one of the real ways to earn money from online.  Every man or woman is born with certain gift or talent . Even if you are not gifted and born with zero skill or talent, still you have some interest and passion. If you can cultivate your interest and research it more, then you can turn your interest into money. Blogging is something where you can share your knowledge to the world by creating your own website.  For creating a website you need two things. One is domain name and other is to host your domain in a server. That means you need a domain and hosting. Both you can purchase from godaddy the biggest online domain and hosting company. For purchasing both you must have to spend 1000 rupees for one year. Once you purchase , you can install wordpress to start a wonderful blog.  Once your blog has been set up you can write articles regarding the topic you have choosen, next learn how to optimize and get traffic from google.  Then go for monetizing your blog with adsense ads, and other affiliate product to earn money online. If you monetize with adsense ads, then you will be paid, if someone click on it. (pay per click) If your blog get more traffic, then you can monetize with other advertising network. Advertising network can be CPC, CPM, CPA. . Some advertising network pay you if some one click their ads(CPC), some will pay you for 1000 views in their ads(CPM), some will pay you , if some one click their ads and take an action (CPA)

online writing job

Some people are born writer. They can express ideas, communicate with others through their writing. It is a skill which you can use to earn money online.  There are many freelancing sites offers you to write the articles for others. Apart from that many content marketing company , they need someone to write articles for them regular basis. If you are a writer, then you can get a permanent job online. Basically writing in freelancing sites wont pay you more. For writing a articles with 500 words, you may earn 10 to 15 dollars. But price may increase depending how you write articles. You can try 2 freelancing sites iwriter, and fiverr

 freelancing job

Here you can earn money as a self employed person by freelancing your skill.   But before you start working as a freelancer, you must have to identify what work you can do for others. You can start work as a designer ( web, graphic, logo), writer, video animator, seo services, social media management, copy editing, proof reading, photography and many more. If you do not have any skill, then you can learn any skill from Internet freely. The benefit of working as a freelancer is , you do not have to work under any company or employer, As a freelancer you are free to work with your own time, set your own price . There are many freelancing sites help you to get client and start earning money. You can join with upwork,   freelancer.com ,  You can join with those site and create your profile then add your skill to find the new client.

Affiliate marketing

 Here you can earn money by selling other people or companies product. Some sites will allow you to join in their network without investing and pay you commissions if you can sell a product according to your choice. Lot of companies allow you directly sell their product for commissions. But in some affiliate networking site, where merchant left their product to sell. If you want to sell the merchant's product then you have to be a publisher of that affiliate network.

To be a publisher of affiliate network , you have to sign up and wait for their approval. Once you get approved then you can choose an affiliate program , according to your choice to sell online. Once a sell has been made, then you will get certain percentage of commissions. That is how affiliate network work. It works as a middle man in between the publisher and the merchant company.

Join with commission junction, amazon associates,

These are all trusted and genuine online jobs from home, that you can try. Some jobs are so simple and some jobs may need you to learn  step by step but patience is the key to get success online.

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