Earn money online with PTC sites (free registration)

Online ptc ad clicking jobs are very simple especially it does not need your special skill, or any talent to earn money from Internet. Ptc means Paid to click. These are small advertising network in Internet. They collect new users to be members of its site. There are advertisers who pays the ptc network to advertise their product and members or user of ptc network click their advertisements to earn money.

The benefit of advertisers are they can expose their product through ptc network, and they target the customers by advertising their product . Therefore they pay money to ptc network and some parts of money ptc network pays its members for viewing the ads.

Apart from clicking ads, they have others jobs to do like, completing surveys, offers, tasks, playing game and ptc sites has referral program to increase income.

What is referral program

Once you will be member of any ptc site, they will provide a link or url which has your unique referral id and all you have to do is share that link with your friends, family members, or any social network. If people join with ptc site by clicking your link then they might be your referrals. When they work in ptc site, not only they will be paid but you will get certain percentage of commissions. Your referrals are  considered as your downline.More downline you have, the more commission you will get.

How to earn money from free ad clicking jobs

As already I told you, you will earn money from ptc site by following 5 ways

  • clicking ads
  • completing offers, surveys and tasks
  • playing game
  • referring new members

How to join with the site

Joining with ptc ad clicking jobs is very simple. You will have to create your own account with your best email, username, and password. If you do not have experience by creating any account in online website then follow the simple steps

  • click the banner below to join
  • fill up your information details like, your name, email, password, give a unique user name to your account
  • Once you fill up all the filed then finish the registration
  • next they will send a verification email 
  • then check your email to confirm your account.
  • once your account has been confirmed then log in to ptc site by using your username and password
  • Next earn money by clicking ads, completing offers

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