Earn money online with PTC sites (free registration)

About ptc 

Ptc means paid to click.  These are small advertising network which works as a middle man between the sponsors and its members. Advertisers purchase very cheap adpacks from this network because advertising in ptc network will cost them very less. With less cost they want to reach out their customers and ptc site allows its members to click those ads to earn cash. The benefit for advertisers is they can expose their link to the large audience with less cost and the benefit of members is they can earn some extra money by click those ads.

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Therefore, ptc sites depends on the huge members to run their business. Because a site having large members will help its alexa rank grow which will attract more advertisers. Advertisers pays ptc site to advertise their link or product and part of that money ptc sites pays its members for viewing their ads. That is how ptc sites work.

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Who can work with ptc

 For working with ptc site is simple. Anybody can work without having any education or skill. Even a kid can do that work .For joining with ptc site , you do not need any registration fee or any kind of investment. These are free to work.

Problem with ptc sites

Problem with ptc sites is scam. Scam is a word which is associated with ptc industry. Scam means if a business does not operate legally. That means either they do not pay their members for their work or they might other ways to take money from their members. Most of ptc site which come today but gone tomorrow. Its because they can not pay their members. There are several reason , why they can not pay. But you must avoid these scam sites. Always try to join with the oldest and paying ptc sites.

Ways to earn money with ptc sites

The very first way to earn from ptc site is clicking ads. But they also have other ways to earn money like completing offers, surveys, tasks, playing game,  and referring new members. These site also offers its members to upgrade their membership, in order to earn more. Once you joined any ptc site, you are considered as a free member or a standard member. But they offer some premium membership, where you have to pay some amount to upgrade your membership. The income of premium membership is more than the standard members.

Referral program

Every ptc site has a referral program. That means once you joined with any ptc site, they will give you, one unique referral link. If you share that link with others and if anybody joined with ptc site by clicking your unique referral link then they will be your direct referrals. When they will work, not only they will earn money but you will get certain percentage of commissions.

Some sites also rented referrals. That means they will rent you, their unreferred members if you want to purchase from them. Unreferred members means, those who are joined the site without clicking anybodies referral link.

How much you can earn from ptc site?

Ptc site is only for some extra income. They provide different type of ads to click. Each ad you click, you can earn from $0.001 to $0.02.  Its only peanuts. You can only earn some cents by clicking ads. But they have other ways to earn money like completing surveys and tasks, Playing game and referring others. Surveys are the best way to earn everyday 1 to 2 dollars and only way to increase your income with ptc site is having large number of active direct referrals under you. More referrals means more money.

How to receive money?

Each ptc site has a minimum amount for cash out. If you reach that amount then you can withdraw your money through popular payment processor paypal or payza. All you have to do is open an account in both payment processor and verify it by adding your bank account and pancard(if you are from India). Because most of the ptc site used these payment processor as their payment gateway.

Now We are going to recommend you most of trusted and legit ptc site to join. You can click the link below and create a free account today and earn money online without investing from your own.

Final thoughts

Ptc sites are meant for just extra income every month. Never expect more money unless , you have large number of downline or referrals. Regarding renting referrals, in ptc site, we do not recommend it. If you are planning to rent referrals then, do it in your risk. Try to get some direct referrals by sharing your referral link with your friends, or in facebook by convincing them to join under you so that , you will get some commissions.

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