19 free online paid survey sites without investment

 My earlier post I have described how to use survey sites to earn money , therefore I am going to give here some of the legit and genuine online paid survey sites which  I worked personally for years. Some survey sites pay through paypal and some sites pay through gift voucher.  From paypal, you can receive it direct through your bank account. But for gift voucher, you can use it for purchasing any product from Flipkart or Amazon.

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19 online survey jobs without investment from home

Now you can join all the 19 sites below with your best email because some survey sites send invitation through your email and some sites you have to check by logging into your account. After joining update your profile information because they will send the survey which is fit to your profile data. And make sure you have a paypal account in a email which you used to sign up with the survey sites. That means your paypal email Id is same as your survey email ID which you are going to receive survey invitation.


This is one of the popular online Indian survey site, It is founded on 2004, members from 20 countries are allowed to join. Here you can earn points by completing quick surveys,online surveys,mobile surveys(IOS and  Android device) simply providing your opinion. One point is equals to 1 rupee. Once you earned 200 points, then you can redeem it through paypal as 200 rupees. You also can earn points, by inviting your friends to ipanelonline when they participate in surveys. Now you can join below



It is one of the most genuine and legit rewarding site, started around 2008. It has lot of earning option like clicking ads, completing offers, survey, tasks, playing clixgrid, and recommending new members.

 But the most important ways to make everyday 2 or 3 dollars is completing surveys. It has 2 kinds of survey like the daily survey from their router, where you can try to complete a survey, several times in a day. They also have invitation survey , to participate. As clixsense affiliated with most of the popular survey companies, it is best for you to sign up with clixsense and check periodically whether survey is available for you or not. You can install their clixaddon extension in your browser, to be notified the moment survey is available for you. Because if you are late to open the survey then that survey might expire or lot of people might have completed the survey which the survey company may not accept new participants. They also give referral commission upto 40% when you refer new members under you. The minimum payout for standard member is $8 and for premium member $6 through PayPal.



It is another rewarding site having lot of earning options. Here you can earn swag points which you can be converted into cash while redeeming your earning. You can earn money by completing surveys, watching videos, completing offers and tasks , searching something in their search engine and also shopping online. Surveys are available most of time . They do not send survey invitation, you have to check it in their website. This site is legit and one of the oldest genuine site from internet. Once you have earned 700 swagpoints, then you can redeem your points through paypal. They also have referral program which you can get 20% of commissions.


AIP online surveys

AIP online survey primarily target customers from Europe, U.S.A and Asia. But members from all over the world are allowed. You will get survey invitations direct through your email. Here you can earn epoints by answering the questions or providing your opinions. How much epoints you will earn, it depends on the length of the surveys and the number of questions you will be asked. Once you earned 100 epoints then you will be able to redeem your rewards through gift voucher like Flipkart or India time shopping voucher.



Questmindshare is the partner site of Cint opinion Hub. Here you will be paid by sharing, what is in your mind. That means providing your valuable opinion to their survey which will make you earn cash. They have surveys from different field , it may be a current world issue or a music survey or any product specific survey. Survey length is maximum 15 to 20 minutes but they will pay you more even for a short surveys. As surveys are from cint opinion hub then each survey you complete you can earn minimum 50 cents to $2.50 . I am telling it from my experience. Most of the survey which take 10 to 15 minutes, it will pay you $1. Surveys are very easy to complete. They will pay you through paypal, once you reach $12. Now you can join with questmindshare below and once sign up they will send a verification email. Therefore, you have to click your confirmation email to complete your sign up process. And they will send you survey invitation through your email. Everymonth , you can expect 10 to 15 survey invitations



Saybucks is one of the legit online survey company where you can earn 1 to 2 dollars for completing surveys. But lengthy surveys pay you more. Surveys are from cint panel and minimum cash out is $10 , if you are from India. Payment through paypal. They will send you survey invitation through your email and make sure, you are checking your email everyday. Because if you are late to open survey it might expire and you will lose money.



Here you will be asked regarding the companies brand, your satisfaction using their product, and other activities like your personnel hobbies. Each survey you complete, you will be able to earn $1. Surveys will take 5 to 8 minutes to complete. Members from all over the world are allowed. They have no minimum payout. That means each time you answered a survey your account will be credited with $1 and they will sent it to your paypal account. Make sure your paypal email same as your registered email with pollbuzzer. Most of the survey sites wants your paypal email should be same as your registered email . If not then add your survey registered email in your paypal account. Because paypal has a option, where you can add number of email to receive money.

Pollbuzzer also has a referral program. Once you joined, you will get your referral link to recommend your friends. Once your referral answered 4 surveys, you will be able to get $1. Now, you can join below.



Triaba.com is a Norwegian company. It is also a member of American Marketing Association.  It provides the survey to its members which is from cint opinionHUB.  Every month you may get maximum up to 7 survey invitations. The more profile information you update, the chances are there to get more surveys. Each survey you complete you may earn from 30 rupees to maximum 250 rupees. The longer surveys pay you more. Usually the survey you get here is very tiny survey . Most of the survey take 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Once you earned  £4.00  Then you can apply for cash out. You can receive money through your paypal account. Now you can join below.



Viewpointpanel is a part of Mintscan an online market research survey and panel company. It was founded on 2009. It accepts members from 14 countries worldwide. It provides the survey regarding consumer goods, technology, healthcare, travel and finance. Most of the surveys take 5 to 20 minutes to complete. After join , you must have to update your profile information to get a right survey for you. It sends survey invitation direct through email , make sure you are checking your account periodically because if you late to open the survey then it may get expire or quota full. The minimum amount for cash out is $12.50 and you will receive it through your paypal account, Now you can join below



Futuretalkers is owned by an International market research company "Insites consulting" which is working for the biggest brands to make them closure with the customers. It is also the partner with CINT opinion Hub.

And the most of the survey you will get which is from insites consulting or cint opinion Hub. The surveys may take 5 to 15 minutes to complete. Each survey you complete, you may earn from 50 cents to $2.50,  The minimum amount for cash out is vary from country to country. For India it is $9.50 and your payment will be sent through your paypal account. Join below



Iwadi is also a part of cint opinion Hub. Most of the surveys takes few minutes to complete. Each survey you complete, you may be earn maximum up to $2.50. They send survey invitations through email . Monthly you may expect 7 to 8 surveys. Minimum amount for cash out is $12.50 which you will receive through your paypal account. Now you can join below



Globaltestmarket is powered by Lightspeed GML and it is founded in 1999. It is one of the leading market research company which has more than 1400 clients from 60 countries worldwide.It accepts members from 49 countries. It sends survey invitation via email and provides the survey regarding movies, restaurants,automobiles, consumer products, current events, and other different topics. Here you can earn marketpoints by participating in surveys.  Each survey you complete, you may earn upto 35 points to 250 market points.  Each point is equals to $0.05. Minimum amount for cash out is 1200points. That means near about $50 and you will receive payment through paypal.



paidviewpoint is one of the research company which provides the daily survey. Everyday you will get atleast one survey.  Each survey has 10 question and by completing each survey you can earn only 3 cents. Its because surveys are very short. If you are from USA , then you might get more surveys to complete. It has referral program. You can earn maximum 25$ from one referral for lifetime. The minimum amount for cash out is $15 and you will receive payment through paypal.



Opinionworld is an online survey panel operated by survey sampling International.(SSI). This site will send you survey invitation via your email as well as it post new surveys in their website. In both ways you can check out the surveys. Surveys are about consumer products, healthcare, education, daily life style and many more.  Here you can earn points by providing your views. Minimum amount for cash out is 1000 points which is equals to $10.  Different country has different payment processor to redeem your reward. You will be able to redeem your reward via paypal or amazon gift card



Toluna was founded on 2000 . It is one of the few market research company which helping many companies with real time research and brain storming ideas. It has more than 10 million members from all over the world. Here you can earn points by sharing your thoughts. They have also other activities like creating poll  where you can ask questions or you can answer other's poll. By participating their polls you may also rewarded with points. They have different options for redeeming your points . Points can be redeemed through india times shopping voucher, or jabong gift voucher. Or if you want to cash then you can withdraw your points through paypal. But for minimum points required to cash out through paypal is 50000 which is 500 rupees.



Thepanelstation is one of the leading survey company in the world. Here you will get enough survey to accumulate your point. They send enough survey invitation via your email and also they post lot of survey in their website. This site is best for to earn some serious rewards. Thepanelstation is the part of one of the top market research survey and panel company Borderless Access Pvt. Ltd.  They accepts members from all over the world and provides surveys regarding Technology, Healthcare, Travel and finance.  surveys are about technology, Each survey you complete , you may earn 50 to 1500 points. Minimum amount for redeem your reward is 3000 points which is equals to 300 rupees. But it is easy to earn points in thepanelstation as they provide lot of surveys. You can redeem your reward through paytm, Amazon, or flipkart voucher.



American consumer opinion (Acop) is owned by owned by Decision Analyst, Inc. It was started early 1986 as a small survey panel and limited to only American participants but now it accepts membership from all over the world. It takes the views from following topics
  • use of gift card
  • current economy
  • snack food
  • to evaluate new advertising from a retailer.

By participating its surveys you will earn points.  Each survey may reward you 30 to 100 points. Surveys takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete. They will send survey invitation through your email . Minimum points required for cash out is 1000 points. 1000 points means $10. You can withdraw your cash through paypal.


These are all genuine online paid survey sites I have recommended you. You can join with them without any registration fee and periodically check your registered email because they may send you invitation any time. Sometimes survey may expire if you open it too late because they might collected enough participant and sometimes you may not be qualified but always try to attempt the available survey because you do not have to spend anything for that,  whether you are qualified or not but if you qualified you may earn 40 to 50 rupees with 10 or 15 minutes of your time. Sometimes even more.

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