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Captcha entry jobs are simple and easy, if you have minimum typing skills. As all typing jobs, need a computer and a keyboard the same way the minimum requirement for a captcha solver is to have a computer and an internet connection where you can type the alpha numeric number to earn money. You do not have to type the long sentence. One captcha may contain 5 or 6 alpha numeric number. It looks like an image, all you have to do, is see the image and type the digit or letters in a provided box. The moment you finished typing one captcha another image will appear automatically. You have to type it one by one. Like that if you fill up 1000 captchas, you  may earn upto maximum $1.

What is captcha? 

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When a website allows its customers to sign up or create an account, then the website want the real human should join in their website not any bot or automated sign up.

Therefore they want to secure their website  by installing captcha in their sign up form. It will differentiate human and bot. Basically captcha is a distorted text images which a human can read but a bot can not. The full form of captcha is Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart.

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Genuine online captcha entry jobs

There are 2 best captcha typing sites online  I can recommend you to join, They are trusted and legit. Payment is instant.  They are 2captcha and protypers.

How to earn money with 2captcha

2captcha is one of the simple captcha solving job site . Follow the simple steps to earn money from 2 captcha simply typing the texts
  1. join with 2captcha  without registration fees
  2. Click on register, fill up the sign up form and finish the registration
  3. next log in to 2captcha
  4. Click on startwork
  5. next click on start

 Now you can see the captcha images like below

Once start typing it will show your bid for typing 1000 captchas. That means for typing 1000 captchas how much you can earn . If bid is low then below it will show rate will increase after hours or minutes. According to that you can work. For typing 1000 captchas maximum you can earn upto $1.

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How much you can earn?

It depends on your typing speed and the hours you will work. If in a day you can type 5000 captchas then you can maximum earn upto $5. And monthly maximum 150$. But still it all depends on you.

How to receive payment?
The minimum amount for cash out is $1. If you reach $1 daily, then you can receive daily payment. You can withdraw it in your payza account. Payment is instant. That means the moment you withdraw , then your payment will be credited to your payza account. Sometimes it may take 10 or 15 minutes before it will be visible into your payza account.

Final thought

Working with captcha typing , is boring. But if you have free time you can try for it. Don't think you will be rich with typing captchas. It is just for some extra income every month.


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