hits4pay review - site that pays you for reading emails

update 1st may 2017-
 site is not paying now. Now hits4pay is a scam

About Hits4pay

hits4pay review, email reading job
hits4pay is one of the oldest site started in 2001 owned by Multiple stream media. site shares 50% of  its Advertising revenue when you visit or read their emails.  Its membership is free and you will get 5$ as sign up bonus.

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How to earn from Hits4pay

You will earn money by reading commercial emails, which the site will send you through your registered emails .All you have to do is, check your email and visit advertisement link in order to earn money. One email may contain one ad or may be severral ads. Each ad you click you can earn $0.02.

It also offers 2 level referral program. From each level you will get 50% of commissions. Referral means when you joined in any Ptc site they will give you one unique link which you have to share with your friends, if anybody joined by clicking your link then they will be your direct referrals or 1st level referral . And when your direct referral get others as their referrals, then they will be your second level referral.

Once you sign up with Hits4pay , you have to wait 24 hours in order to get your account to be approved by the site admin . If your account get approved then you have to edit your interest categories . You can select minimum 3 and maximum 15 interest categories. The more Interest categories you select, the more email you can expect. The more you get, then more money you can earn.

Minimum amount for cash out is $25. Payment will be send through your paypal account.

Before, I am going to give my opinion about Hits4pay, below are the some points you can think about


  1. Site is oldest and paying
  2. Free registration with $5 sign up bonus
  3. For each ad you click, you can earn $0.02
  4. site offers 2 level referral program, with 50% commissions from each level
  5. Members from all over the world is allowed.
  6. No, referral limit, You can refer unlimited members.

  1. Not more emails, if you are from outside of USA
  2. High cash out amount $25
  3. Not instant cash out. It will take 45 days to receive your payment,

As you can see its positive and negative point, then you can decide whether this site will work for you or not. From my opinion, site is legit and it does pay. But as it simply, a email reading site, You can not expect more money from it. But if you can refer more members, then you can expect your cash out within months otherwise site will take years to redeem your first cash out.

Don't join with hits4pay.

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